What is a “Corporate Concierge” and what does a corporate concierge business do?

A business concierge is an individual or service that provides convenience and luxury services very similar to a hotel concierge, except in a corporate environment. So, you can imagine the type of services provided are pretty broad. Typically, as a business concierge or “corporate concierge”, you can expect to deliver such services as coordinating dry-cleaning pickup and delivery to the work site, mobile detailing, shoe and jewelry repair, travel arrangements, event ticket procurement, and so on. Most services are targeted for completion by the end of the work day as an added convenience to the employee or tenant.

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Corporate concierge services are often added to a corporation’s work-benefits package as an incentive for new talent. This employee perk has also proven quite effective in increasing employee productivity and morale. Just as in a hotel, corporate concierges are located onsite for easy access. A full menu of services is provided to each employee with hours of operation and contact information. Many of the larger corporate concierge businesses use an online portal through which employees can utilize the service.

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