Desire for Flexibility Drove Entrepreneur to Start Her Own Errand Business

If you ever wanted to clone yourself to get more done, a woman in Ramsey is the next best thing.

Brooke Hopkins Tateossian started The Suburban Concierge to help people run errands, wrap presents, purge closets and more.Brooke Hopkins Tateossian of Ramsey is a professional errand-runner.

“It’s easier to explain what I don’t do than what I do,” the mother of three said of the home-based business she started six months ago.

“I will not drive and I will not clean.”

“I tell my clients they can do anything but not everything.”

She always tells her clients that everyone needs help and no one should feel bad about asking for it.

“I tell my clients they can do anything but not everything.”

People today juggle multiple community roles in addition to a job, spouse and children and they don’t want to give anything up, she said.

“I love making their everything happen for them.”

She has clients on monthly retainers that have their Amazon presents shipped directly to her home.

“I wrap the gifts, buy cards and drop them off,” she said.

She also tries to anticipate her clients’ needs.

“I’m a good listener.”

She works on a monthly retainer or by the job and also offers packages on her website.

Learn how to start an errand business at

“I try to be flexible. Clients are surprised by what I’ll do.”

It was a desire for flexibility that drove Tateossian to start her own business.

With three children 8-14, she was ready to leave her recruitment career and wanted more control over her daily life.

Her in-laws were the inspiration behind starting a business offering concierge services.

“They drop off dinner twice a week, babysit. People were always jealous. It made me realize how much easier my life is because of them,” she said.

Her clients are busy moms and executives. Lately, people have said they’re planning to buy her services as a gift for people who are elderly or sick.

“I love it and I get excited about it every morning when I get up. This is the best thing that’s happened to me career-wise in a long time,” she said.

To learn more about The Suburban Concierge, see its website , call 201-410-4183 or email

Source:  The Lyndhurst Daily Voice

Cindy Capitani



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