City Errands: A helping hand for Vancouver

For as long as he could remember, Paul Stokes has been an errand runner for his friends and family. Helping people complete their “To-Do” lists gives Stokes a sense of gratification. With the motto “Freedom is in your future”, City Errands is becoming an essential service to some of his regular customers.

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Paul Stokes - City Errands

According to Stokes, the business blossomed from something he had been doing for friends and family over the past decade. As a “buddy with a van,” Stokes found himself being called upon to help out with mostly any task. Through the help of social media, City Errands is growing a steady amount of buzz. They offer a variety of time-saving or task-completion services, 24/7 throughout Vancouver. Services range from general errands, personal assistance and corporate level requests. Each service is charged per errand (with a maximum of 1 hour before additional fees kick in) and there needs to be a 12 hour notification time. Requests can be made for outside of the Greater Vancouver area, however additional charges may apply.

Since opening in August 2014, Stokes has added a team of “Errand Runners” to his roster. Together, the team has assisted many Vancouver families, businesses and elderly individuals across the GVA. City Errands offers a 10% discount to seniors as well as a 25% discount on Tuesdays.



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