Virtual Assistant Business Completes Over 1 Million Tasks


New research from Time etc, an award winning virtual assistant service offering professionals access to highly skilled assistants, found that 43 percent of American workers don’t finish their daily to-do list. More bogged down with menial tasks than ever, the inability to focus on tasks that are vital to their career is resulting in lack of professional development and career growth for workers.

The study, conducted with third party research firm YouGov, revealed not only how American employees are spending their work days, but also the professional and personal struggles that result from failed productivity at work. Key findings include:

American employees are swamped with grunt work, which is taking time away from tasks that are vital to their job. Unable to finish their daily to-lists, it’s clear that they need a second set of hands.

* 43 percent of employees do not finish their daily to-do list

* 54 percent dedicate 25 percent or less of their day to important, deadline-oriented assignments

* 43 percent spend up to 50 percent of their day scheduling calls/meetings

* 57 percent spend up to 50 percent actually attending calls/meetings

* Additionally, one in seven (14%) feel they spend too much time responding to emails

Creativity and professional growth are being placed on the back burner. Due to overwhelming schedules and task-lists, American workers aren’t able to focus on professional growth and creative thinking, two tasks that are essential to success in their careers.

* A whopping 93 percent said they than 25 percent or less of their work day brainstorming creative ideas or new business leads

* More than one in four (27%) workers feel that working on small tasks makes it difficult to complete their long-term goals

Employees have poor work/life balance, because they are inundated with work. In many cases, staying outside of their scheduled work hours is causing them to miss out on irreplaceable family time.

* Fifty-nine percent reported they stay at work beyond their scheduled hours

* Of that 59 percent, employees are staying late to catch up on tasks such as organizing to-do lists (24%), updating timesheets (20%), doing their expenses (17%)

* Within this group, one third (33%) have a child under the age of 18, showing American employees are missing out on valuable family time due to an overwhelming workload

“ American employees are inundated with work. Not only are they responsible for tasks that are vital to business development, but they’re constantly scheduling meetings, taking calls and catching up emails and admin,” said Barnaby Lashbrooke, CEO and Founder of Time etc. “This can result in lengthy to-do lists, filled with assignments that keep workers after hours, despite not always being related to the employee’s professional goals. We know firsthand how overwhelming and frustrating this can be, and why it is important to have support with these tasks. Our Time etc virtual assistants can be the helping hand many American workers need to promote a healthy work/life balance and productivity in the workplace.”

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