S.A. Tech Companies Offer Concierge Services for Employees

Major global companies are aggressively competing for top-notch employees.  Incentives being marketed to highly-skilled professionals include such benefits as additional time off and extended health services.  One benefit, in particular, has gained tremendous popularity in recent years – corporate concierge services.

Companies are hiring independent concierge service providers to enhance their benefits packages.  Many of these services are ranked very highly among staff whose work schedules conflict with life demands.  Services such as arranging for grocery delivery, running errands, and coordinating travel save countless hours for employees.  And time-savings, in turn, saves employers lots of money.  Additionally, workers are more focused on their jobs without having to worry so much if their personal life is suffering for lack of attention.

With a benefits package that incentivizes employees and attracts motivated new hires, businesses large and small continue to recognize the value of corporate concierge services.  As employee productivity increases, so does overall return on investment for employers and shareholders.  The e-book by Janet Slater, Keys to Starting & Operating A Successful Concierge Service, outlines the methods by which businesses can incorporate corporate concierge services into their employee benefit plans.  Visit Concierge101.com for more info on obtaining or launching your own concierge service.


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