How Personal Concierge Business Improves Your Employability

Owning a personal concierge / errand service can offer more advantages than increased income.  For starters, you enhance your resume portfolio easily by 70%.  How? By demonstrating your problem-solving talents to service your customers, you prove your value as a major asset to any employer.

Through your business, you provide a vast array of services to benefit your clients.   Most of the time, you wear many hats – coordinator, manager, customer service, executive assistant, administrator and ambassador, just to name a few.  But remember that each time you switch hats, you prove your ability to excel at multiple types of tasks.  Potential employers place a premium on candidates who can switch gears at sudden notice, and do so gracefully.  So, the next time you’re updating your resume, do not hesitate to include the abundant responsibility you carry not only as a business owner, but also as a pet caregiver or travel advisor and coordinator, or miracle worker!



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